UDL Resources

CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology): CAST is a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.

Video Review: Slide deck of elementary, middle, and high school classrooms to investigate UDL practice.

Looking for UDL Padlet: Menu of Lessons to review and reflect on practice aligned to UDL.

CAST UDL Guidelines Website: CAST website with language for each guideline and reference to research

UDL Guidelines Deep Dive: Slide deck aligning language and practice to each UDL checkpoint

Multiple Means of Engagement Padlet: Resources aligned to the Engagement Principle

Multiple Means of Representation Padlet: Resources aligned to the Representation Principle

Multiple Means of Action and Expression Padlet: Resources aligned to the Action and Expression Principle

Goalbook UDL-aligned strategies: Tools, graphic organizers and strategies aligned to each UDL principle

Accessible Education for All: Tutorials, tools and resources aligned to Accessible Educational Materials

CAST UDL Webinars: free webinars on several topics

CAST Tip Sheets: monthly CAST tips sheets addressing common questions on UDL

CAST Free Learning Tools: tools developed by CAST as a result of partnerships and grant opportunities

CAST Phases of UDL Implementation: an outline of the process of implementing UDL in a school

The Difference Between UDL and Traditional Education: one-page summary of UDL

The First Steps toward a UDL Classroom: comparison of two teachers analyzing barriers in the classroom

Getting from Here to There: UDL and the GPS Analogy in Education: article by David Rose and Anne Meyer

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