Finance Committee

Each participating LEA to the Sonoma County SELPA appoints an appropriate administrator of special education programs and/or an administrator who is knowledgeable in the area of special education finance to the Committee.

  1. Provide information and recommendations for the development, modification and implementation of the SELPA funding allocation plan to the Superintendents' Council.
  2. Review and make recommendations to the Superintendents' Council regarding decisions which impact the finances of local education agencies.
  3. Develop the Annual Budget Plan for approval by the Superintendents' Council

The Finance Committee meets on a regular basis according to Brown Act requirements as established on a yearly calendar. The SELPA Administrator serves as the chairperson of the committee and is responsible for providing timely written notice of the meeting and agenda, minutes for the meeting and additional documentation as needed to provide for informed decision making.

The finance committee is composed of: five members selected by Superintendents' Council, five members selected by the District Business Users Group (DBUG), five members selected by the Steering Committee, three members selected by the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE), one member selected by LEA Charter Schools, one member selected by the Community Advisory Committee, the SELPA Administrator, and the SELPA Fiscal Analyst.

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