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TitleTopic AreaStart Date
Diagnostic Center North - For Teachers - Creating a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment: Implementing Environmental Based Strategies SELPA 12/02/2020
Building a Better IEP SELPA 12/03/2020
SEIS Workshop SELPA 12/08/2020
Early Educator Support Group SELPA 12/11/2020
MATRIX: Special Education Rights: Procedural Safeguards Part 2 SELPA 12/15/2020
SEIS: Data Tech User Group Meeting SELPA 12/16/2020
MATRIX: Derechos de Educación Especial: Garantías Procesales Parte 2 SELPA 12/17/2020
SEIS Workshop SELPA 01/12/2021
Building a Better IEP SELPA 01/14/2021
Diagnostic Center North - How to Design a Day of Effective Direct Instruction for Students with Significant Learning Needs SELPA 01/20/2021
Autism 101 - Putting the Pieces Together SELPA 01/27/2021
Diagnostic Center North - CA Dyslexia Guidelines - Next Steps SELPA 01/27/2021
SEIS Workshop SELPA 02/09/2021
Diagnostic Center North - How to Interpret a Psychoeducational Evaluation for Teachers! SELPA 02/16/2021
Building a Better IEP SELPA 02/23/2021
Diagnostic Center North - ERMHS Assessment: Examining Your Social-Emotional Data SELPA 03/03/2021
Diagnostic Center North - For Paraeducators: Behavior Supports in the Classroom: How to Implement Effective Reinforcement Strategies SELPA 03/05/2021
SEIS Workshop SELPA 03/09/2021
Diagnostic Center North - Creating an Effective Behavior Intervention Plan: Writing a plan with appropriate replacement behaviors and reinforcement system SELPA 03/10/2021
SEIS Workshop SELPA 04/13/2021
Diagnostic Center North - Silent Suffering: What to Know and What to Do for Students with Internalizing Disorders SELPA 04/14/2021
SEIS Workshop SELPA 05/11/2021

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